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Group Exercise

Ron Wolf

Aerobics, pump classes, cycling, yoga, High/Low Impact cardio, Zumba …. If Milestone has a class for it, Ron Wolf has probably tried it.

A member for 25 years, Ron comes to the center five to seven days each week. He sometimes uses weight machines, but spends most of his time in the Group Exercise department. “I probably do about 10 different classes a week,” he says. “Maybe a little more.”

“I’ve tried about everything,” he adds. “If it’s something new, I’m prone to give it a shot.”

It’s the people

What keeps Ron coming back to Milestone?  “Mostly it’s the people,” he says. “I know a bunch of them who’ve been around there for a really long time, and it’s just a really good group of people, the instructors and everyone.

“The classes are a lot of fun. You can cut up with the instructors, and they don’t get all bent out of shape.  They kind of encourage you when you slack off a little bit…I just like the atmosphere most of them have in their classes.”

Milestone Group Exercise Director Sue Shonberger also helps with motivation and encouragement, Ron says. He jokes: “She’s my nemesis. She keeps me honest. Won’t let me shirk.”

Facilities are neat, clean, uncrowded

Although it’s the friendly people at Milestone that keep him coming back, Ron appreciates the facilities, too. “They’re always neat and clean, and people take care of the equipment… it’s not crowded during the hours that I’m there.

“It’s a nice facility. they have about anything you’d want to do. And their hours of operation pretty much cover everything.

“Obviously, if I thought there was a better one, I wouldn’t have been going there for 25 years.”