Mary Duke Connell Headshot 2021


Mary Duke Connell has been swimming since she was a baby, and she has a passion for the water.

“In my 20 years as an aquatics director, I’ve seen firsthand what the water can do for people,” she says.

“The water works – body, mind, and soul. I think it has a healing effect. It’s restful, it’s beautiful, and it makes you feel better.”

“Because aquatic exercise is easy on the joints, it can be effective for athletes during the preseason and regular season, for conditioning before and after surgery, and for gentle relief from injuries and ailments.

“But it’s a misconception that you have to be injured to benefit from aquacise,” adds Mary Duke. “Water workouts are one of the best things people can do for their bodies.”

Mary Duke has a B.A. in Physical Education. She’s been an Aquatics Director for 15 years and has been with Milestone since the center opened in November of 2000. She and her team have won numerous awards and national recognition.

Mary Duke Aquatic Headshot

You can find her near the water!

Most days you can find Mary Duke in the aquatics area, and she’ll be glad to help find the right class for you.

“It’s a real family atmosphere here,” she says. “We have an incredible staff; everyone is extremely dedicated and passionate about what they’re doing.”

To contact Mary Duke, call 896-3900 x132 or email