Relax and enjoy a Zen-Shiatsu style massage in our warm therapy pool.

In Watsu®, you are floated through the water by a trained massage therapist. The warmth and support promotes a deep state of relaxation, decompresses joints and passively stretches muscles.

Tsue French, a licensed massage therapist in our Oasis Spa, has completed intensive training in the technique.

Watsu sessions are 60 minutes in the water, with a short intake poolside. To allow for maximum pool time, plan to arrive at the Oasis Spa 15 minutes before your scheduled session.

Watsu Massage Session with Tsue French

Watsu is available to both members ($70) and non-members ($85).

To schedule your Watsu session, call the Oasis Spa at 896-3900 x121, or email us.