"After decades of weight losses & gains, I was fed up. HMR has been the answer for me both physically & mentally."

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Sharon WarnerSharon Warner

“This program is amazing!”

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Doyle maytonChuck-crop2-150x150

“I have a new life!”

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Deanna Dessify

“I have gone from a size 22 to a size 12!”

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Eric & Joanna AlexanderUntitled-1-150x150
HMR Participants Since 2009

Eric has lost 100 pounds and Joanna has lost 70 pounds. “We are so happy that we joined the HMR Healthy Solutions program.”

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Chuck-crop2-150x150Chuck Bent
HMR® Participant Since 2007

Chuck Bent didn’t just lose 100 pounds through Milestone’s weight-management program – he also gained a new job. He now works as a Health Educator at the center, supporting others in their own weight-loss journey.

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Ron-1-150x150Darrell Brookshire
HMR at Home® Participant Since 2009

“It’s been a blessing; it really has,” says Darrell. “It’s helped us all get in shape!  The HMR at Home program is a family affair for Darrell Brookshire.  He lost nearly 135 pounds in 10 months on the program, and his wife lost 50. His daughter, Oasis Spa director Jessica Shaw, has also lost weight. We have improved our lifestyles – and our futures, too, we hope.”

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Brian-crop-150x150Brian Lacoursiere
HMR® Participant Since 2011

After only 15 weeks of  the program my Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar levels, Heart Rate, Waist Size, and weight have all dropped.  My doctor had me stop my High Blood Pressure, and two Diabetes medications.  I feel much better, don’t hurt as much, exercise every day, look better (per my wife), and I owe it all to the Healthy Solutions program.

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becky-150x150Becky Letcher
HMR® Participant Since 2010

Less than 10 months after joining the weight management program at Milestone, Becky Letcher had lost more than 70 pounds – and found a new clothing size. “I’m smaller than I’ve ever been in my life, even in high school,” she says.

She credits her success not only to lifestyle changes, but also to the supportive friends she found in the program’s weekly meetings. “Knowing that there’s other people like me in the class keeps me going. We all share ideas and support each other.”

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Larry-150x150Larry Podlogar
HMR® Participant Since August 2008

In less than 20 months since joining the HMR program at Milestone, Larry Podlogar lost 100 pounds.

“One day I realized, ‘You know what, I’m just miserable. Enough’s enough. I want to change,’” he says. And it all started with a single decision.

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Dana-150x150Dana Poyner
HMR® Participant Since 2009 

Compliments from strangers are great – but what really makes Dana happy about her 75-pound weight loss is being able to keep up with her son and daughter.

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John-Debbie-Riess0552-150x150John & Debbie Reiss
HMR® Participants Since 2011

We knew that we needed to change our whole lifestyle, not just go on a diet. We wanted a comprehensive program that educated you about good nutrition and also supported you while you lost weight as well as teach you how to keep it off. We found that program with HMR.

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Carl-S-crop-150x150Carl Sandler
HMR® Participant Since 2009

What motivated Carl Sandler to seek out the weight-loss program at Milestone? ”I was tired,” he says. “Tired of weighing over 300 lbs; tired of looking in the mirror and seeing an elephant staring back at me; tired of my doctor prescribing yet another med to counter another effect of obesity; and tired of just being tired.”

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Untitled-12-150x150Mollie Watson
HMR ® Participant Since 2009

The HMR program has facilitated my weight loss through healthy meal planning and  wonderfully encouraging and motivating health educators. Another positive effect is that I feel great and look much better in my clothes.

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