Upcoming Events


Friday, March 27, 6 - 7 PM
or Saturday, March 28, 10 - 11 AM
BodyShape Seminar | How to Keep the Weight Off
Free! Open to members and non-members

Tired of gaining the weight back? Learn what to do to prevent excess body fat from returning with Jamal Thruston, Weight Management Specialist. Sign up for one of the dates at our Service Desk. To learn more, call Jamal, (270) 315-6929.


Saturday, March 28
Liquid Lifestyles Swim Clinic, 9 AM - 7 PM
and Sunday, March 29, 9 AM - 6:30 PM
Conference Room and Pool

Be a smart swimmer! Improve speed, confidence and efficiency. To learn more or to register, call Liquid Lifestyles, (440) 935-1097 or visit www.liquidlifestyles.com.


Monday, March 30
JumpStart wtih Life Coach Stacey Vicari, 7 - 8:15 PM
Conference Room

Join us as we welcome back Life Coach, Stacey Vicari.  Some of you may remember that Stacey moved to Austin, TX last spring.  For over ten years, she delivered her popular Power Hour, here at the Wellness Center. She will be back in town and presenting it this month, under its new name, JumpStart.  If you haven't been, please join us.  And if you've attended in the past, come back and bring a friend or two for an uplifting experience. 

The JumpStart offers you an opportunity to pause and take inventory of your life. You’ll be guided through exercises that will help you focus on what you want most from life, identify your obstacles and evaluate your overall life balance. The goal is to leave you feeling motivated and inspired to make immediate, positive changes in your life.  

Free! For more details or to register, visit www.myideallife.com.


Tuesday, March 31
HMR Orientation, 5:15 - 6:15 PM
Weight Loss Program

It’s time to try the weight-loss program that’s trusted by physicians across the country. With HMR foods, lifestyle education, coaching and medical support – you’ll get results quickly and never go hungry!

  • Feel full, with satisfying weight-loss shakes, entrees, vegetables and fruits.
  • Get complete nutrition, including essential protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Save money while losing weight by spending less on groceries and restaurant foods.
  • Stay on your weight management plan with easy-to-prepare, portion-controlled foods.

To learn more about our Healthy Solutions program or to pre-register, call Lynn, 896-3900 x 124.