When you visit Milestone’s Oasis Spa, the first person you’re likely to meet is Spa Director Jessica Shaw.


“I work the majority of the desk hours; I’m always there,” she says with a laugh.

“I want to be there for the clients,” she continues. “I really try to talk to people to see what their specific needs are, and the goal for me is pairing each client with the right person. We have a lot of great therapists, technicians, and estheticians, but I always say there’s somebody for everybody, and the right person for me may not be right for you.”

Jessica’s salon experience began in college, when she worked in a hair salon. She went on to manage two hair salons, in addition to training as a massage therapist and earning bachelor’s degrees in management and marketing.

Massage and wellness

“Massage is a big part of what we do,” says Jessica. “We have nine massage therapists, and they’re the best in Louisville. Nobody has less than 5 years experience in the field, and they’re all really great about continuing their education. I have the best staff, period – everybody is so well versed in what they do.”

“Our massage is truly therapeutic … it ties in with the whole philosophy of keeping your body well. Massage renews your mind, body and spirit. The treatments are nice and relaxing, but they’re also designed to help you continue to operate at your optimal level.

“We do have a lot of athletes who come in, and we work to help them with any problems they might be having, so they can continue to accomplish their goals.

“The whole idea of massage is to feel better when you leave, so you’re able to continue on your path to optimal fitness and wellness.”

Skin and beauty treatments

That philosophy also applies to the many skin and beauty treatments offered at the spa, Jessica says.

“We’ve got a lot of treatments that help you look better, but they’re also going to make you feel better. For example, our facials are fantastic. It takes about an hour and 15 minutes, and you just feel amazing. You look good, but you also feel good, and that’s the whole idea.”

The on-site spa truly lives up to its name, serving as an oasis in members’ busy lives, says Jessica. “The energy at Milestone is really great, but when you walk in the spa, it’s a whole different environment. It’s just a nice, low-key and relaxing place.”