Becky Smith

becky-smithAfter a serious skiing accident, long-time member Becky Smith had to take a temporary break from working out.

“But I went back as soon as I could,” she says. “I’ve always been an active person, and I couldn’t wait to get back.”

Recuperating from a severe injury

Becky’s injury occurred in 2000, on a ski trip in Canada. Her right hip socket was crushed, and she had emergency surgery. She then developed MRSA, a bacterial infection.

Back in the U.S., doctors removed her hip and did not immediately replace it because of bone loss, she says. Over the next few years, she had 26 surgeries.  “I was off work for 3 years,” she says. “I had 2 different body casts, and I was on crutches about two-and-a-half years.”

Using the warm therapy pool

When Becky was able to return to Milestone, she began going to the warm therapy pool to work out.

“I brought a float, and practiced kicking my feet. The pool is great – it was a motivator to keep me active.”

Later, she was able to use her crutches to walk around in the therapy pool.

Today, Becky walks with a cane, and she still enjoys the warm therapy pool. “In the pool I don’t hurt, and I love to move. It’s almost like dancing in the water, with the music they play.”

Physical therapy

During her recuperation, Becky also used the services of the Baptist Health Physical Therapy Clinic at the Wellness Center.

“I really like having the physical therapy at Milestone, because I can go in and work out, and then go from my workout to my physical therapy. The therapists are familiar with the equipment that’s available there, and they know I’m pretty dedicated to working out.”

More than just the exercise

"After my accident, the people at Milestone cheered me on,” says Becky. “They always made me feel good about what I was doing. So it’s about more than just the exercise.”

She enjoys getting together with friends around the coffee pot outside group exercise director Sue Schonberger’s office.

“They have the best coffee in town,” Becky says with a laugh. “And the camaraderie around the coffee pot is just fantastic. The best conversations go on there … whether it’s about finances or sports … you learn a lot when you hang out around the coffee pot.”

“That’s one of the things I’ve always loved about Milestone. It’s a good place for people to sit down and share a little bit. That’s part of being well, too … socialization is so important to our wellness.”