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Group fitness classes are a great way to get fit, stay motivated, and have fun. And they’re open to Milestone members at no extra cost!


If you’ve never tried a group exercise class before – no worries. We offer beginner classes in most formats to show you the ropes and help develop your skills without overdoing it.  You’ll find Milestone instructors take extra time to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.



Please see below for all of the details for group exercise classes:

Here's the plan: 

  • Group classes have resumed with a limited schedule.

  • We will be monitoring the demand and usage and making adjustments along the way

Guidelines/Restrictions for group fitness: 

  • As required by State Healthy at Work guidelines, members are not required to wear a face mask at all times while in the Club. However we encourage members to wear one for their safety.

  • For your protection, we will be disinfecting classrooms and equipment before and after class.

  • Please arrive a few minutes early for your class so we can get you checked in to your class timely.


Please be patient as we are all adjusting to the changes required by the Healthy at Work guidelines and of course want to do our part to keep staff and members safe. To enable us to continue to offer group exercise classes please follow the guidelines and procedures.  As guidelines change and we see the demand for group exercise classes we will be making adjustments to the schedule. So if you don’t see your favorite class or instructor on the schedule be patient as we continue to monitor the program.

Extra things to remember: 

Right now we are trying to offer the maximum amount of classes that we can so that everyone who wants to take a class will have the opportunity while still feeling safe. This means the turn-around time for classes is very quick. If you would like to socialize, we understand, we ask that you do so outside of the club (while maintaining social distance). 
We could really use your help to keep our club sanitized. It's all hands on deck for our staff with cleaning right now, but if you have the time to help us clean the group exercise equipment off we would very much appreciate it! This gets our instructors to their next class even faster! 
Per Healthy At Work guidelines, we cannot have a lost & found. Be sure to pay extra attention & take home any personal items you bring into the club as we cannot keep them if you leave them behind. 

Child-care hours:

Mon - Friday 9am - 12pm

Sat & Sun: Closed

Below are the changes we are making and enforcing per the Healthy At Work state guidelines in order to keep everyone safe while in our child care area!

  • We will be following state guidelines in accordance with capacity restrictions. 
  • Adults must have a face covering at pick-up/drop-off of children.
  • We will not have lost & found bins.
  • Our staff will increase cleaning & disinfecting of all child care areas. 
  • All employees & children are required to have their temperature checked before entering our child care area.
  • Child care staff are REQUIRED to wear a mask while at all times. 
  • Children under 5 should not wear masks due to the increased risk of strangulation.
  • Children 5 & over are encouraged but not required to wear a mask.  

Special Classes-1

  Milestone offers the following exercise solutions for specific needs:

Ready to challenge your workouts with high intensity, powerful movements at faster tempos? This class has timed interval sets combined with TRX exercises and cardio moves. 



This workout covers every major muscle group utilizing TRX straps at a fast pace format. Open to all fitness levels.


This class is tailored for beginner to intermediate levels. Perfect for first-timers to those that want a constant
30-minute workout.  


This conditioning class is 60-minutes of high-intensity interval workouts using TRX straps, sticks and Kettle bells.


This class is thirty minutes of continuous strength and cardio moves designed to push your physical limits through powerful high intensity moves using the TRX straps and stick.  This class requires prior TRX experience at a strong intermediate or advanced level.



If you’re serious about your fitness and athletic performance and eager to see results, this non-stop metabolic workout is for you. This workout includes challenging total-body strength circuits using the TRX straps mixed with TRX stick intervals in both aerobic and anaerobic training zones. Guaranteed to challenge your strength, stretch your endurance, and make you sweat. 


This class combines Tabata format with straps and medicine balls. Open to beginners and experienced TRX participants.


Each session incorporates TRX suspension strength training combined with dynamic bodyweight exercises to strengthen, tone, and shred. Intermediate to advanced level.


This class is designed for seniors who have lost muscle tone and flexibility, or those recuperating from muscle loss. A realistic approach to physical fitness, the Body Wellness exercise program does not require a physician referral. Exercises in this class are based on slow, precise movements. You can perform them while sitting, standing, or lying on the floor.

The Walk Tall Class provides postural education using stretches, strengthening, body mechanics, and visual imagery. Special consideration will be given for those with osteoporosis. 


At Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center we have a long history of helping seniors maintain a high quality of life. We offer a comfortable and motivating facility that welcomes seniors to regain and maintain mobility in their later years.

We have many resources that are geared towards the 65+ age range.

  • Aquatic Facility Includes: Warm Water Therapy Pool, Cool Lap Pool, Jacuzzi Pool, Men’s and Women’s Steam Rooms, Family / Handicap Changing Areas (which are caretaker-friendly)
  • 50+ Aquatic Exercise Classes Per Week Including Special Interest Classes for Seniors:
    • Joint Power
    • Arthritis/Fibromyalgia Water Wellness
    • Power Stretch and Balance
    • Akwa Chi / Pilates
    • Masters Low Impact
  • 250+ Group Exercise Classes Per Week Including Special Interest Classes for Seniors:
    • Body Wellness
    • Low Impact Masters
    • Tai Chi
    • Walk Tall / Osteoporosis
    • Seniors & Beginners Yoga
  • Over 50 Personal Trainers with degrees and certifications, some specializing in Senior Wellness and Rehab/Recovery


Our staff is passionate and experienced with helping seniors to improve and maintain the best quality of life possible!


Sue Schonberger

I have a passion for group exercise. My philosophy is “The more the merrier,” because people feed off the group energy. Group fitness classes have so many advantages:

  • Motivation & Comradarie
  • Friendships
  • Structure
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Variety & FUN!

Connect with Sue

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