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Meet the Service Desk Director

Dan Broderick, Milestone’s Service Desk Director, is the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off his back. Or, at least, out of his gym bag.

dan-broderick-circleStaff members recall a recent day when a Milestone member was checking in at the service desk and realized she’d forgotten her workout t-shirt. Without missing a beat, Dan reached into his own gym bag and pulled out his clean extra shirt for her to use.

That’s the kind of genuinely helpful attitude Dan inspires in his entire staff. After all, their goal is to make sure you have what you need to for a rewarding and enjoyable experience at Milestone.

A culture of kindness

Like many others who work at Milestone, Dan began working out at the center before he began working on staff.

Dan, who has a degree in broadcast communications and is originally from Louisville, first visited the center when he weighed nearly 400 pounds and was looking for a place to exercise.

“I had shopped around Louisville and found only two places that I thought were acceptable,” he says. “Milestone won me over when I attended Tammy Ray’s high impact and pump classes and was welcomed with open arms by the group attending the class.” (Tammy is still teaching at Milestone today, by the way.)

“It was the first time that I had ever gone to a club and been greeted like that. They congratulated me for surviving what is a fairly challenging class, and they said ‘Gosh, we’d love to see you come back.’

“So it was the members who really brought me on board. And I remember specifically after attending my third class, I said ‘I’m home. This is it. This is the place I want to be. I am excited to say that Milestone is also where I met Michele, a fellow Milestone member who is now my wife!"

Dan calls this “culture of kindness” Milestone’s best feature. “I’ve never been any place where so many people are so welcoming of others. …Everyone is treated like a friend.”

Five-star service

You can see Dan at the Service Desk just about every afternoon.

He, or one of his friendly team, is always there to greet you when you sign in. They’re happy to answer any questions, recommend a class, or refer you to a fitness specialist or personal trainer for help with your workout.

The whole team, says Dan, strives to provide “five-star service” – the type you might get at one of the world’s top hotels.

What does that mean? Friendly greetings, “with eye contact,” says Dan. “Offering an empathetic ear. Taking the time to talk. We want this to be a real person-to-person contact.”

“My staff enjoys their work and it shows in their interaction with members.  We’ve been able to retain a devoted and loyal staff,” Dan says.  “I would say that among all the jobs I’ve ever held, this is by far the most enjoyable. And they pay me for it. You can’t ask for more than that.”