Bob Slosberg

bobBob Slosberg has been a member of Milestone since 2006.  He’s always been very dedicated to coming into Milestone for his exercise routines but knew there were other areas of his health that probably needed more attention.

In December of 2012, Bob had a faulty A1C reading of 10, which meant he tested positive for diabetes.  That was enough of a ‘Wake-Up Call’ for Bob and he was really shaken up!  He scheduled a re-test for a month later but in the mean time decided he would get serious about losing weight and taking the steps necessary for making real changes in his diet.

Bob finally listened to his trainer, Alison Cardoza.  He ate less and exercised more!  He virtually cut out all sweets from his diet.  He also spends times with his Personal Trainer 3 times a week for 30 minutes each session while also doing cardiovascular exercise on his own for 30 minutes with a goal of burning 300 calories.  The exercise combined with the dietary changes was enough to get Bob down from 236 pounds to 199 pounds!

When Bob went back for his A1C re-test, it came back normal and it was concluded that his first reading was faulty.  Bob felt so good after the changes he made in his diet, he decided to keep up with both the dietary changes and the exercise!

Way to go, Bob!!