Bobbie Rouben


bobbie-1Bobbie Rouben joined Milestone to find relief from chronic hip pain.  She teamed up with Personal Trainer, Alison Goss and Pilates Instructor, Nancy Carroll who customized programs designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles, improve pelvic alignment along with improving pelvic strength and stability.

Only two weeks into the program, however, Bobbie suffered a fall down a flight of stairs which resulted in a compression fracture of her lumbar spine.  That didn’t stop her for long.  After only a few days, Bobbie was walking back into the gym, back brace and all, ready to do whatever she could!  What began as a hip project then turned into spinal rehabilitation.

Just two months later, after much work in both the weight room and in the Pilates studio, Bobbie’s brace was on an ‘as-needed’ basis with many days seeing no back pain at all!  In fact, according to her orthopedist, future treatment prescription is continued exercise.  “If I keep exercising,” Bobbie reports, “my orthopedist says my pain will stay away.  He also said that if I was feeling ok to go ahead and cancel my next appointment and stick with the follow up.”  Bobbie happily called and canceled her next appointment!

As for the hip pain that had plagued her, she now only feels discomfort during times of stress.  In fact, thanks to her hard work, all of her pain levels are reduced!

Great job, Bobbie!