Jackie Schembari

jackie-1jackie-2Jackie Schembari started working with Personal Trainer, Heather Albro after having complications from chronic arthritis.  She has worked with Heather for about 2 1/2 years meeting about 2 times a week, on average.  Shortly after starting with Heather, Jackie decided to participate in a 150 mile charity bike ride; no small feat for a person with little athletic background!  Heather prepared Jackie for the charity ride with her training techniques.  Jackie successfully completed her first charity bike ride and went on to train for a second one in 2010.

Since starting with Heather, Jackie has been able to recover from numerous past surgeries as well as knee replacement surgery. She was back to training after only 4 weeks of recovery!  Even her doctors, who were expecting her to take up to 12 weeks off, were shocked by her quick recovery!

Prior to coming to Milestone, Jackie worked with multiple trainers who were unable to develop an exercise routine that met her abilities.  Heather’s expertise in chronic arthritis and encouragement keeps Jackie motivated and accountable for her exercise and eating habits.  Jackie looks forward to continuing her training with Heather as she seeks to achieve her goals for a healthy lifestyle.

We’re proud of you Jackie!!