Kasey Whisman

kasey-1kasey-2Kasey Whisman has overcome several hurdles in her life.  She has battled her weight for the majority of her life but is also the survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury (9 years post-injury).  Two years ago, she decided to join Milestone to help her achieve her goal of losing weight.  She began working with her Personal Trainer, Alison Cardoza, once a week for a session of cardiovascular exercise and weight training.  She exercises four other days of the week, as well.  She keeps a daily journal to track her calories, fat, and Weight Watchers points.  So far, Kasey has lost 50 pounds and isn’t done yet!

Kasey has seen a tremendous improvement in her endurance.  Her next goal, as a survivor, is to run the 5K marathon for the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky this May.

Great Work, Kasey!  Keep it up!