Norma Luckett

Milestone Personal Training

Baptist Milestone Personal Training

Norma started working with her Personal Trainer, Kenny Hodges, in November 2010, just after she lost her wonderful husband of 47 years.  Fortunately, Norma had a wonderful support system of family and friends to help her deal with her loss.  Her son, Matt encouraged her to start exercising again to feel better mentally and physically.  She started meeting with Kenny 3 times a week, working with weight machines and doing cardiovascular exercise on her own.  After getting into an exercise routine and adjusting her eating habits, Norma gradually started to lose weight.

After celebrating her 70th birthday this past January, Norma hit her first big goal of losing 20 pounds.  Norma feels great and looks great!  Kenny says, “I feel blessed to have worked with her!  She is full of positive energy that encourages me every time I see her!  And,” Kenny adds, “We’re not done yet!”

Date Weight Fat Mass
11/11/10 181 lbs. 82.4 lbs
2/9/12 161 lbs. 64.6 lbs

Great Work, Norma!