Eric and Joanna Alexander

“While Eric and I were dating, we liked to eat and enjoyed trying every new restaurant that opened,” says  Joanna Alexander, 33. “Soon we realized that we needed a new pastime and an active, healthy lifestyle together.”

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Joanna was familiar with Baptist Health / Milestone Wellness Center’s Healthy Solutions® program for weight management since her mother had great success with the program. Joanna knew the basics and had been a member of the gym, so she felt like this would be a program that would fit hers and Eric’s needs. It is a supervised program of HMR® (Health Management Resources), which supports individuals’ weight-loss commitment with lifestyle-related plans and exceptional-tasting foods.

Joanna and Eric are happy that they joined the program. She has lost 70 pounds, and Eric has lost 100 pounds. The couple used to consider a date as going out to dinner. Now they enjoy exercising together and “romance it up by getting in the hot tub after an exercise workout. Because of our weight loss, we were able to hike a difficult coastal trail in Hawaii on our honeymoon, last October that we would not have had the strength to do previously. It has been an amazing transformation!”

Healthy Solutions currently offers two programs, an in-clinic class option and a ‘self-directed’ at-home program. Both programs are extremely successful, including complete nutrition, increasing vegetables and fruits, increased exercise and much more. The health educators are dedicated to providing support to help members reach their long-term weight-loss goals. The program’s new website, provides support and valuable amazing transformation!”

“Our HMR Healthy Solutions program focuses on long-term lifestyle change,” says Kristin Brill, HMR Healthy Solutions Program Director. “We take a realistic approach to not only lose the weight, but protect the weight loss long-term. Our goal is to improve overall health, while feeling better, having more energy, more confidence, and overall quality of life.”

In the Healthy Solutions Program, members buy their meal entrees, which they supplement with fruits and vegetables. Then in Phase 2 members begin to incorporate outside foods, lean proteins and whole grains.  The Wellness Center is guided by a health-based approach to individual physical fitness for adults of all ages. The well-designed facility provides members with endless opportunities to get fit and stay healthy for life. Members receive support in achieving a balanced approach to exercise and weight management.

“This program goes above and beyond preparing you for life after the weight loss. I feel more confident about keeping the weight off with their support program,” says Joanna.

Eric and Joanna were also recognized in Today's Woman Magazine.

Congratulations Eric & Joanna!

Eric lost 100 pounds & Joanna lost 70 pounds on the HMR Healthy Solutions Program.