Milestone offers the following medically appropriate exercise solutions for specific needs:

Body Wellness

This class is designed for seniors who have lost muscle tone and flexibility, or those recuperating from muscle loss. A realistic approach to physical fitness, the Body Wellness exercise program does not require a physician referral. Exercises in this class are based on slow, precise movements. You can perform them while sitting, standing, or lying on the floor. See the Group Exercise schedule for class offerings.

Workouts for osteoporosis

The Walk Tall Class provides postural education using stretches, strengthening, body mechanics and visual imagery. Special consideration will be given for those with osteoporosis. See the Group Exercise schedule for class offerings.


classes designed with seniors in mind...

At Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center we have a long history of helping seniors maintain a high quality of life. We offer a comfortable and motivating facility that welcomes seniors to regain and maintain mobility in their later years.

With 40% of our member population being in the 65+ age range, we have many resources that are geared towards their needs.

  • Aquatic Facility Includes: Warm Water Therapy Pool, Cool Lap Pool, Jacuzzi Pool, Men’s and Women’s Steam Rooms, Family / Handicap Changing Areas (which are caretaker-friendly)
  • 50+ Aquatic Exercise Classes Per Week Including Special Interest Classes for Seniors:
    • Joint Power
    • Arthritis/Fibromyalgia Water Wellness
    • Power Stretch and Balance
    • Akwa Chi / Pilates
    • Masters Low Impact
  • 250+ Group Exercise Classes Per Week Including Special Interest Classes for Seniors:
    • Body Wellness
    • Low Impact Masters
    • Tai Chi
    • Walk Tall / Osteoporosis
    • Seniors & Beginners Yoga
  • Over 50 Personal Trainers with degrees and certifications, some specializing in Senior Wellness and Rehab/Recovery


Our staff is passionate and experienced with helping seniors to improve and maintain the best quality of life possible!