Why It’s Important to Change Your Skin Care Routine in the Fall

Posted by Tracy Souder on Thursday, September 30, 2021

The end of summer and the arrival of fall prompt transitions of all kinds. As you reach for a sweatshirt and hot coffee, you know it’s the right time to make some seasonal changes in your skincare routine as well. Just like the change in seasons, your skin needs to change too.

So how do you change your skincare routine for fall? Here are a few suggestions and product recommendations from Leslie Guiot, Skincare Specialist at our Oasis Spa.


After a summer of sunshine, heat, and humidity, it’s time to deep cleanse
the pores of SPF and perspiration. Customized facials will help as well as brighten and even pigmentation that has darkened from all that extra sunshine. Exfoliation at home that’s specific to your skin type can also improve these issues. A series of non-invasive peels or microdermabrasion services can quickly get your skin glowing for the fall.


Just because it's overcast, don’t ditch the sun protection. At least 30 SPF day cream is best. I recommend regular daily to weekly exfoliation with Babor Enzyme Cleanser and Refine RX Retinew A16 Concentrate to even skin texture and tone. A morning application of Clinical Aesthetics Amplifi Youth Vita C+ Serum with Amplifi Shade Sunshade 35 over it will both improve and protect your complexion daily.


Recommended skin care products are available at our Oasis Spa.
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