Jennifer Lowe - Incorporating TRX into Your Workout Routine

Posted by Jennifer Lowe on Monday, January 18, 2016


Incorporating TRX training into your current workout routine can ensure that you are getting an all around workout. It is very beneficial if you understand the fountain of your body.  Everything that you do in life starts with one part of your body.  This body part is your core.  Your core is more than just the "6 pack" that people strive to attain.  Your core is made up of your pelvis, back, chest muscles and abdominals.  Your core is responsible for your body's stability, flexibility, and balance.  We use our core when we twist, bend, and move in all directions.  This is called " multi-plane" movement.  The stronger your core is, the probability for less injuries you'll encounter in your daily life. This is why incorporating TRX into your workout is so important.  

TRX stands for TOTAL BODY RESISTANCE  EXERCISE.  It's  a functional type of training that engages your core constantly.  It uses your body weight and gravity to build strength, joint stability, flexibility, balance,and core strength.  By using your own body weight,  YOU control the intensity of the exercises by walking closer or further away from the anchor.  An important benefit of using the TRX, is how gentle it is on your joints.  The flow between the exercises keeps you moving smoothly without any need for many adjustments. You can even work the entire body in a standing position!  I have been training with the TRX system for almost 10 years, and I still challenge myself during my workouts.  Come try a class at Milestone, see how you feel after engaging your body in a different way!

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