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Posted by Monica Resch on Monday, July 03, 2017

I worked in retail for many years and after retiring early due to health issues, I became very sedentary.  As time passed I found that I was slowing down to the point of being worn out all the time - and I decided I was too young to be an "old man" before my time! 

I decided to turn a new leaf, from being a couch potato to moving - but it was getting harder to do things.  I had knee pain from my knee replacements, my back was always sore, and I felt tired anytime I attempted physical activity.  I wanteed to feel better and get healthier.

I started coming to Milestone to swim, which allowed me to get physical activity in with low impact to my joints, which helped my knees and back.  But after swimming regularly for a while, I found that I needed more.  I hired Tiffany Kelver as my personal trainer, and that has made all the difference!  She helps me push my limits and do things I never thought I could, like walking for cardio, resistance training, and thinking differently about food.  Now I wouldn't miss a personal training session with her!  She's so professional and caring.

I have achieved a great victory at the age of 70... I completed my first 5k race!  I never thought I woulde be able to do it, but with the Milestone team support on the event day, I did it!  Tiffany even came back to check and see how I was getting along and encouraged me to keep going!  Now... when's the next 5k??? 

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