Milestone Members trip to Brown County

Posted by Monica Resch on Friday, October 27, 2017

This week, Milestone members and staff went on a bus trip to Brown County.  They had a great time shopping, eating lunch, and spending time together.  Here are some pictures from the trip!

BC 1.jpg BC 10.jpg BC 11.jpg BC 12.jpg BC 13.jpg BC 14.jpg BC 15.jpg BC 16.jpg BC 17.jpg BC 18.jpg Bc 19.jpg BC 2.jpg BC 20.jpg BC 21.jpg BC 22.jpg BC 23.jpg BC 24.jpg BC 25.jpg BC 3.jpg BC 4.jpg BC 5.jpg BC 6.jpg BC 7.jpg BC 8.jpg BC 9.jpg IMG_6105.jpg IMG_6106.jpg Brown County 2017 B.jpg Brown County 2017.jpg "Thanks to all who participated in this fun member activity!  We had a great time in Brown County with you!"

-Sue Schonberger (Milestone Group Exercise Director)




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