10 Tips for Fall Fitness

Posted by Jill Fratianne on Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Fall is the best time to re-energize your workout routine and prepare for the upcoming holidays. Don't let the transition of seasons knock you off course. Planning for the seasonal changes, finding support and motivation in group fitness classes, and embracing fun events and activities that go along with a new season will help you stay fit all year long. Here are some tips to staying fit this fall.

10 Tips for Fall Fitness

1. Take advantage of the weather and enjoy the foliage

Fall in Kentucky is such a treat for the senses: cool, crisp air, leaves changing colors, pumpkin and apple picking. These upcoming months are great for exercising outdoors and enjoying the weather. Walking, jogging, cyling, and hiking are all great fall activities. Which helps bring us to the next tip...

2. Head to the trails

Louisville is full of beautiful, well-marked trails for you to enjoy. Trails offer you new scenery that will make your workout not seem so much like a workout. Grab a friend and find a new trail to check out this weekend. Here's a map for Cherokee Park trails and one for Jefferson Memorial Forest trails.

3.  Dress for the weather

As the weather continues to get cooler, people tend to want to stay indoors. Keep yourself active and enjoy the outdoors by paying attention to what you wear. Layer up and invest in moisture-wicking, breathable clothing (ex: Dri-Fit). You may feel chilly at first, but as you get moving your body will warm up. So, it's important to not wear too many layers. Proper attire and accessories that still keep you warm, but are not bulky, will make outdoor fitness much more enjoyable.

4. Avoid holiday candy

We don't mean to rain on your Halloween candy parade coming up. However, according to the National Institutes of Health, the average, non-obese adult gains about a pound a year around the holidays. So what's a pound? The problem is, most Americans don't lose the weight they gain over the holidays. Therefore, year after year, the pounds really add up. Limit your entire family's candy intake over the holidays, especially Halloween. For example, allow 1 piece of candy a day. Check local dentist offices, too, as they often have candy-buy-back programs where your child's Halloween candy is sent to troops overseas.

5. Rake your own leaves

According to My Fitness Pal, a 150 pound person can burn around 270 calories for raking a yard for 60 minutes. Set little goals (for example, tackle the right side of the front yard first) and watch the time pass quickly all while burning fat.

Rake your own leaves

6. Try new group fitness classes at your gym

Finding your motivation during the cooler months tends to be more of a challenge. Find a variety of group fitness classes you enjoy and commit to attending them a few days each week. Group fitness provides encouragement and motivation to show up, to keep you going, and to know you're doing something great for yourself.

7. Weigh yourself regularly

With colder weather comes bulkier clothes and bulkier clothes tend to hide weight gain. Combat this oversight by weighing yourself regularly (but not too regularly to wear you become obsessed with the number. Be obsessed with the weigh you feel post-workout!). To get the most accurate reading, weigh yourself at the same time of day.

8. Vary your workouts

Varying your workouts will help keep you motivated. Don't take the same route each day you run. Try a new route and enjoy new scenery. Try new workout classes at gyms in your neighborhood and you'll become more confident in a wide range of activities.

9. Workout at home

As the days beging to feel shorter, and the holidays are on the horizon, it sometimes feels impossible to get a workout in. Remember just 15-20 minutes is better than zero minutes. You can YouTube a quick workout to do in your living room, or take a quick jog around the neighborhood. There are tons of workouts that pop up on Pinterest when you search "at home workout." Here's 10 At Home Workouts for you to try!

Workout at home

10. Take advantage of fall produce

Farmer's markets and grocery stores will be full of fall's freshest produce. Produce that is in-season is full of flavor and easy on your wallet. What produce is in season? Winter squash, pumpkins, apples, sweet potatoes, and figs -- just to name a few!

Simple Fall Meal