A Real Wellness Success Story!

Posted by Monica Resch on Thursday, March 16, 2017

Kathy and Bill Garlitz      

We both turned 60 in 2016 and celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and over the years have both added some additional pounds. With years of weight gain, Bill has developed high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and some high cholesterol numbers, along with recently and still fighting prostate cancer.  I had two tears in my rotator cuff and subsequent surgery which slowed down my activity in 2016 and added to my weight increase and tiredness. We had tried to lose weight on our own, but we were never quite successful. 

We both decided it was time to make some serious changes in our life style.  And even though we have both been active adults, we needed to shed maybe 30 pounds each. After reviewing a few different programs, The HMR Weight Management Program seemed to be the best fit and also came highly recommended by another couple we know. With all of the necessary tools provided in the way of literature, food, supplemental protein shakes, and great supportive meetings and staff, we started our weight loss journey the first week of December 2016. We had two main goals in mind: (1) lose weight (and feel better, gain energy) and (2) lower dosages or completely discontinue our meds. We particularly enjoy going to the Tuesday evening meetings with Chuck Bent who with humor and determination/education has helped us achieve both of our goals! Together we have lost almost 40 lbs and have more energy. Bill’s A1C number has been consistently lower and he expects to be able to cut back or discontinue his meds.  I have been able to discontinue my cholesterol medication after a great check-up with my doctor!

Additionally, since I am no longer working and when I realized that I had to add more activity to burn more calories, I joined Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center. I strive to make it there at least 3 days a week; sometimes more. Let me be clear that I have never been excited by exercising at a gym facility, but sometimes when I get to Milestone (and with over 250 group fitness class options), I want to keep on going; if only I had the time! I am impressed by the staff helpfulness, great locker room facility, huge selection of classes (I particularly like the water aerobics, Zumba, Pi-Yo, Abs and Stretch, to name just a few).  I frequently use the treadmill, elliptical equipment and indoor walking track when I am unable to walk outside at home due to bad weather. I never feel silly when I get in a class and need to learn the routine; everyone is so helpful and it’s enjoyable and refreshing.

But a great challenge and reward was being coached by a trainer, Eugene Dean, in the proper use of the resistance equipment. After a session of listening to me to understand my needs to strengthen my shoulder after surgery, he set up a program on the resistance equipment which has greatly helped in the recovery of my shoulder.

The atmosphere is welcoming, not intimidating. The staff is cheerful and helpful. The options are almost unlimited. The opportunity to improve is unlimited. Why wouldn’t you join the Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center? 

So I guess you’d call this a real Wellness success story for us!

"Before" Picture (July 2016):

weight loss fitness wellness success story

"After" Picture (March 2017):

weight loss fitness wellness success story

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