Speed Bag & Heavy Bag- Boxing with Andrew Crowe

Posted by Personal Training Department on Thursday, March 15, 2018

One of Milestone's greatest strengths is its personal training program.  It is comprised of 58 personal trainers who all hold bachelor of science degrees and nationally accredited certifications for personal training.  All of these trainers work with the general population, helping people become stronger, more toned, increasing cardiovascular health, weight management, improving mobility, and much more.  Some of these trainers carry additional specialties.  Andrew Crowe is one who specializes in sports conditioning and boxing.  He invites YOU to join him at one of his upcoming demos!

Andrew is doing a special "Speed Bag Demo" on Saturday, March 17th at 10am and 1pm; and again on Saturday, March 24th at 10am and 1pm.  These demos are FREE of cost and open to all Milestone members.  So come learn about how to use the speed bag and see if boxing might be a great option for you to improve your health and fitness!

Andrew also trains on the heavy bag, and he recommends one-on-one personal training for this, since it is a unique personal skill that each individual must master.  Andrew's program combines several disciplines of fighting into one great workout!  Call today to schedule a personal training / boxing session with Andrew today!  502.896.3900 x 115.

Sign up at the Service Desk at Milestone for Andrew's "Speed Bag Demo" or call the Milestone personal training office to schedule personal training / boxing lessons with him!  502.896.3900 x 115. 

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