CrossFit St. Matthews // New Schedule & Pricing

Posted by Jill Fratianne on Thursday, June 12, 2014
CrossFit St.Matthews

You asked, we answered! CrossFit St. Matthews has new and improved pricing and a new schedule to ensure you have all fitness options and interests available to you at Milestone.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is an intense, full-body workout that combines elements of cardio, weight lifting, gymnastics, core training and more to prepare the body for the unexpected. Your certified CrossFit coach will focus on techniques and maximize safety while helping you achieve a higher level of fitness.

CrossFit Benefits

  • Personal coach for motivation
  • Elite strength and conditioning
  • New training routine each session
  • Hard core workout in minimal time 

Do we have Certified trainers at CrossFit St. Matthews?

Yes, we have 3 CrossFit Level 1 Trainers: Chris Albro, Healther Albro and Warren Thomas

Email them at crossfitstmatthews[at]gmail[dot]com (format as normal when emailing, this format is to prevent spam)

CrossFit Program | 


Members: $20/session
      Package of 10 Sessions: $150
Non-Members: $25/session
      Package of 10 Sessions: $200

CrossFit St. Matthews Schedule


7-8 PM | Chris


11:30-12:30 PM | Heather
6-7 PM | Warren


9:30-10:30 | Heather
7-8 PM | Chris


11:30-12:30 | Heather
6-7 PM | Warren


9-10 AM | Heather


9-10 AM | Chris
10-11 AM Fundamentals* | Chris

*Fundamentals Class is for you if you feel you need more in-depth instruction. To get started, we recommend personal training sessions with one of our CrossFit Level 1 Trainers. Typically 3 sessions will allow you to conquer the fundamentals. 

We are so excited about CrossFit St. Matthews. Please do share us with your friends and come give it a try for yourself!