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Easy Partner Workouts 
Grab a friend and try these workouts ANYWHERE!

Partner Workouts
Easy Partner Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Round 1- (2 minutes each)
Partner 1: wall sit
Partner 1: plank hold
Partner 1: glute bridge hold
Partner 1: V-sit hold

and then switch

Partner 2: squats
Partner 2: push-ups
Partner 2: lunges
Partner 2: sit ups

Round 2- (2 minutes each)
Equipment needed: medicine ball

  • Russian twist medicine ball pass (sit in a Russian twist position and pass the medicine ball to your partner as they twist toward you)

  • Squat ball pass (stand back to back with your partner in a squat position and pass the ball to your partner as you twist to the side)

  • Partner heel drops (partner 1 lays on their back on the floor and raise legs up in the air, partner 2 stands by partner 1's head and pushes legs back toward the ground)

  • Lateral lunge ball pass (both partners face each other, as they lateral lunge the same direction pass the ball between them)

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