Exercise Equipment 101: Navigating Gym Equipment in 2020

Posted by Lauren Higgins on Tuesday, January 07, 2020

The complete guide to exercise equipment at your gym.

Exercise Equipment 101: Navigating Gym Equipment in 2020



This line of strength training equipment is great for working major muscle groups while protecting your joints and preventing injury.  Each machine can be custom adjusted for the optimal support you need to effectively increase strength.

Free Motion

This line of cable-based equipment is ideal for those wanting a full body workout.  Each machine targets a major muscle group as well as the supporting muscles building strength and stability.


Used for walking, running, or climbing while staying in the same place, this easy to use machine will help you get the cardio workout your body needs.


For an efficient way to burn calories and improve endurance while still protecting the joints, choose one of our many different models of elliptical.  Press the “Quick Start” button for a simple, manual workout or chose an interval program to challenge your body.

Stair Master

Increase strength and endurance in the lower body and improve stamina with the easy to use stair master.  The simulated stepping motion will provide a challenging cardiovascular workout.

Step Mill

One of the hardest machines in the gym will give you the cardiovascular workout you are looking for!  Aptly nicknamed the “Sweat Mill” a short time on this machine will burn calories and help you reach your goals.

Upright Bike

Just like riding a bike outside, an upright bike improves your cardiovascular health while increasing strength and muscular endurance in the lower body.

Recumbent Bike

For a low intensity and low impact cardiovascular workout, try one of our recumbent bikes.  Adjustable to fit everybody, they provide a way to get your lower body moving!

Seated Elliptical

Really get your arms and legs going with this easy to use machine.  A favorite of members young and old, the seated elliptical combines the arm and leg motion of a traditional elliptical with the support of a recumbent bike.

Nu Step

Improve mobility in the knee and hip joint as well as strengthen the major muscle groups in the legs with this seated stepping machine.  Adjustable resistance allows the user to decide how strenuous the workout should be.

To learn more about any of the equipment we have to offer at Milestone, schedule a session with your Fitness Coach, or ask a Fitness Specialist working on the gym floor!


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