HABITS Not Resolutions...

Posted by Chelsea Stengel on Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The New Year is fast approaching and people all over the world will start setting new goals and resolutions to achieve in the New Year. Resolutions usually die out and rarely last long term. Form steady habits now to avoid short term resolutions later. It is easier to find help NOW. The gyms aren’t as packed at the moment. Find help where you need it most: a trainer, a class, a program, a nutritionist, a teammate, a workout buddy, a coach, or a mentor. Rather than automatically coming up with a “resolution” on a whim just because it seems like the thing to do for the New Year, actually take the time to think about what you want in life. What do you want to achieve professionally, physically, mentally, spiritually? What aspects of your life do you want to improve? Do you want to take a trip, complete a bucket list item, run a race, get healthy, improve as a parent, professor, mentor or friend? What steps do you need to take to get there? To get the end result of what you want to accomplish you need to form healthy habits and short term goals to get you there. Start now. Don’t wait another day. Great things take time, so never give up on something you want to accomplish just because of the time it will take to achieve it. The time will pass anyway. 

Written By: Chelsea Stengel, Milestone Personal Trainer  To book a personal training session with Chelsea, please call the personal training office: (502) 896-3900 x 115.

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