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Posted by Lauren Higgins on Friday, February 01, 2019


Laura Jones is a longtime Milestone member and HMR panelist who just returned to Milestone for her fourth time after belonging to several gyms in the Louisville area. "This is the best place in town after trying them all."

DSC01754 (2)Laura is celebrating her one year anniversary participating in Milestone's HMR Healthy Solutions program and has already lost 100 pounds! Laura received her 100-pound pin of recognition on Saturday, January 26th alongside six other HMR members during their January Weight Loss Panel. You can learn more about their success stories by watching them speak on their journeys here.

Laura came to us during a pivotal point in her life as both her health and career were flourishing. But her position was up for a promotion and she was faced with the challenge we all inevitably meet in our lives: making a good career decision at the expense of, "me time." The time spent setting and accomplishing goals, treating ourselves to a healthy, home cooked meal or getting the heart pumping after a good workout. She knew accepting this position would cost her the time she needed to continue on the path she began here at Milestone, and her fear of overexerting herself began to weigh heavily on her. "I knew I would overextend myself and neglect my wellness by taking the job. I didn’t want to lose the path I was on, and I kept walking by the HMR board, and I thought, I need to go. I need to find out what this is all about."
LJ BEFORE AFTER What did you think of your first HMR info session?
“Uhm, I think it’s always been interesting to me with HMR when you see people starting. They’ve tried other things and they’re often skeptical and they’re thinking, “I don’t believe in myself to do this,” and everybody is very reserved and hesitant – and I was that way myself. But when you see results week after week, you start to realize that you can do this and what a great program it is.”

Laura’s a-ha moment took place during her complimentary personal training consultation upon rejoining Milestone a year and a half ago. After completing the body fat scan Milestone provides all members at least once per month, Laura was shocked to discover her metabolic age was 15 years older than her real age. “That was such an eye opener no matter what the scale says.”

Laura faced many obstacles during her first year in the HMR program. She had a busy travel schedule and even took a temporary retirement in Florida for a month during the summer.

“Chuck and I worked out a plan entering Phase 2. I joined a gym down there for the month and played a lot of tennis and walked on the beach – I planned ahead for my workouts but also for my HMR food. I still checked in with him [Chuck] and we even, before I went, compared my scale from home to compare with the HMR scale to see if it was off a little bit because that’s what I used in Florida. I continued to communicate with him just as if I was in town.” Laura attributes the flexibility and modifications at Milestone to her ability to keep up with her workout routine through travel or her plantar fasciitis.

What made the difference between Milestone and other gyms?
“Having HMR & the gym is a huge benefit but also the variety of times, classes and options. The diverse class schedule, pool and weights any time I want –  I can always find something to fit at any time of day but what kept me coming back to Milestone is the keypad locker security and the towel service. Also, the café and spa.”

How do you feel after being on HMR? Mentally, physically - are you more energetic?
“The phases set you up for success – orientation, quick start and then your first class. I think it would have been overwhelming without easing into it but Lynn and the team are so encouraging.” On energy, "The physical difference is huge. There are some days I don't even sit down from the moment my feet hit the floor in the morning and I have more energy throughout the day. Within a month or so, that 2PM afternoon slump disappeared and that was a big eye opener for me."

What are your goals? Have you hit your goal?
“Not there yet. I definitely want my metabolic age less than my real age, for sure. Uhm, that’s a big one. And of course, a number I have in mind, is another 30 pounds based on my BMI. But we’ll see.” Laura has lost 6 dress sizes since she began the HMR program.

Advice for people who are doubtful?
“Stick with it. You can’t just try something and not give it an opportunity to work. But also reach out for help, whether it’s HMR or whatever, even after classes to talk with the instructor or learn new modifications.”

“Even before I left for Florida, I told a lot of the instructors, “you’re not going to see me for a couple of weeks, it’s not because I don’t like your class, I’m just going to be out of town for a few weeks but I’ll be back! And that, I felt, helped me be DSC01762accountable too. I felt like I had to fulfill that promise.”

“I think people often come to Milestone and just, do what they do but there are so many resources in this gym for a variety of things, and I think really taking advantage of everything Milestone offers will help you try new things.”

Call the HMR Office to speak with Lynn at 896-3900 ext 124, or email Chuck at to discuss your various options.

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