HMR Success Story-Paula

Posted by Lauren Higgins on Wednesday, February 28, 2024


Meet Paula who released over 30 pounds! And, that was more than 2 years ago! We wanted to know how she continues to PROTECT her weight loss two years later. Here’s what she had to say.



Q: You have been protecting your weight loss of over 30 pounds now for more than 2 years!  That’s impressive.  What keeps you motivated to PROTECT that weight loss?

A: Two reasons, medical and personal. When I started HMR, I had Type 2 Diabetes. I was not willing to accept that this diagnosis was going to control my life. HMR at Milestone helped me lose the weight and improve my health. I no longer have Type 2 diabetes! BIG MOTIVATOR!

I also feel better about my appearance and how my clothes fit. That’s a wonderful feeling that motivates me to protect my weight loss, too! I also weigh every morning and list what I eat daily. This way I can trace what affects any weight gain or weight loss.

Q: Food and drink is so much a part of socializing for so many people.  And, we all know that an average restaurant meal these days comes with 1200 calories or more for ONE meal, not to mention the super high sodium.  What do you do/how do you go out with friends or family to a restaurant and protect your weight loss.

A: What you learn in classes still apply! I often order salads with low calorie dressing, avoid fried goods, avoid alcohol, avoid pasta dishes, and I rarely get a dessert. Some might think this is depriving myself. Actually, the only thing I’m depriving myself of is Type 2 Diabetes and clothes that wont fit if I eat like I used to eat.

Q: So many people fall back into old eating and lifestyle habits after losing significant weight  - thinking they can go back to the lifestyle and habits that they had when they were 20, 40, or more pounds overweight and still protect their weight loss.  What changes did you make 2 years ago that you are continuing to do now?

A: So many of the skills you learn to use to lose the weight, I still do today. I observe portion control and I still document my food intake. Fruits and vegetables are unlimited for me. We weighed weekly when I attended classes. Now, I weigh daily. It helps me self-manage. When I see a slow weight increase, I often eat an HMR meal or shakes that day or for a couple of days.

Q: Some people might like to know if you have any GO TO recipes or favorite meals that have become staples of your lifestyle.  If so, can you share?

A: No favorites except I air fry vegetables and also make succotash frequently. Also make big salads with many raw vegetables.

Q: Finally, does exercise play a part in your health plan now?  If so, what do you love to do?

A: I take long walks at least 5 days per week, for 1-3 hours each. I also exercise with hand weights and a weighted ball.



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