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HMR Staff Spotlight: Meet Brenda Lee!

Brenda HMR News

Since Joining HMR in April of 2018, Brenda has lost 26 pounds. Brenda says that, "joining the HMR Team at Milestone is one of the best decisions she has ever made."

According to the Tanita scale, a machine used to run a complete body composition analysis, Brenda's "Metabolic Age" has dropped from 73 to 57 years young!

When she's not busy working as our HMR assistant, she can be found working out with Christina Arnold in her, "Don't Sit, Get Fit," classes and claims they are, "so much fun." She has really bonded with her workout partners, Cathy Hill and Cyndi Bent, and has transformed her lifestyle by, "just by hanging out with all these healthy people." 

Way to go, Brenda!

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