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Posted by Elizabeth Dowell on Tuesday, December 01, 2015
Elizabeth Dowell

Allie made an amazing transformation in time for her wedding this year! Read about her journey that turned into a lifestyle change! You go girl! 


What brought you to Milestone? 
I joined Milestone the last week of June 2015.  I realized I was becoming more and more down and frustrated with my body but would always make excuses and never make sustainable, healthy changes.  I tried every binge diet out there to avoid working out while in grad school.  Three of my friends (Ali, Lori and Lexie) were all members at Milestone and continuously raved about Jeff's classes.  My wedding was coming up in September so I realized it was as good a time as any to join-- I took one of Jeff's classes and was hooked.  

What exercise activities do you participate in at Milestone?
I have a love/hate relationship with all of Jeff's classes: Power Sculpt, Rhythm Ride, Tabata, Body Breakthrough, Shred and 20X3.  Each class is different and I don't feel like I plateau; I am sore after each and every class.  Jeff's classes are the perfect combination of a comedy hour and a total body work out.  #bodiesbyjeff

Since I joined Milestone at the end of June, I've lost 25 lbs.  I got married on September 19th and for the first time in a long time, I truly felt confident in my own body.  I pride myself in that I can now make it through Jeff's classes without taking breaks every few minutes.  I push myself every day as opposed to coming up with every reason why I don't need to work out.  My time at Milestone is my favorite part of my day (other than time spent with my new husband, obviously Ü).

Notable Staff Members that have helped you: 
Jeff has changed not only by body, but my life.  His knowledge when it comes to exercise and nutrition is so effective.   Jeff pushes me, keeps me accountable, challenges me-- all while still making me laugh.  Working out is now a part of my life, rather than just something I did to get ready for my wedding.  In addition to Jeff, I am also so thankful to have met Laura and Bob Wagner.  Their spirit, passion and love for life is contagious.

Main reason you wanted to get in shape/motivation factors:  
My main motivation to get in shape was for my wedding.  With the changes I've made, and the new family I now have at Milestone, I am now motivated to work hard and push myself each and every day.  Working out no longer feels like a chore-- I now truly look forward to coming to Milestone. 

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