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Posted by Jill Fratianne on Monday, March 24, 2014
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Today's Monday Munchie is brought to you by Milestone Personal Trainer, Jonathan Jansen. For National Nutrition Month, we asked our Personal Trainers to share their favorite snacks, meals, desserts, etc. with you. Jonathan shared with us that his favorite snack is Avocado Chocolate Mousse.  Sounds interesting, right? That's why we had to share more! We promise, you'll have no idea you're eating avocado! Chocolate avocado mousse actually proves that dessert can be good for you! Check out Giada De Laurentiis' recipe below.

Avocado Chocolate Mousse
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Health Benefits of Agave Nectar

What makes agave superior to sugar? Sugar is a processed sweetener that has no nutritive value, other than calories. And agave, as compared to other sweeteners, has a desirable low-glycemic index. This means that when consumed, it won't cause a sharp rise or fall in blood sugar.

Agave contains saponins and fructans. Saponins, which are found on quinoa and many plant roots, including ginseng, have anti-inflammatory and immune system-boosting properties, including antimicrobial capability. In fact, the Aztecs used agave syrup to treat wounds because of its antibacterial properties.

Inulin is a type of fructan or fiber that has many health benefits. Studies suggest that inulin can be effective in weight loss because of its low impact on blood sugar and its  ability to increase satiety and decrease appetite. Inulin is also associated with lowering cholesterol, reducing the risk of certain cancers, and increasing the absorption of nutrients, such as isoflavones, calcium and magnesium.

Where can you buy agave nectar? Agave nectar or agave syrup is sold in health food stores as well as in some supermarkets. It can be found next to the honey or in the health food section.

Tips for Substituting Agave Nectar for Sugar in Recipes

  • Use about 1/3 cup of agave nectar for every one cup of sugar called for in recipes.
  • Reduce the liquid ingredients in recipes by one-third, since agave nectar is liquid (and sugar is dry).
  • Reduce your oven temperature by 25 degrees.


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