Non-Candy Halloween Treats

Posted by Jill Fratianne on Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halloween is all about having fun, and that doesn't mean you have to load up on tons of sugar. Whoever said you HAD to hand out candy anyway? Kids will get plenty of candy, so why not break up the monotony a little bit and hand out something fun and unique? Here are some fun, non-candy Halloween ideas to either take to a Halloween party or pass out on Halloween night. These options add great variety and kids are sure to enjoy them as much, if not more than candy!

1. Mini Water Bottles

You can make Halloween labels for them, or just pass them out as is. Whether the kids think it's a trick or a treat, they'll be glad to have some water in their pumpkins and bags to sip on as they walk around the neighborhood or to wash down that fun size Snickers.

2. Glow Sticks

Who doesn't love glow sticks or glow jewelry? Not only is this a fun and expensive treat, it is perfect for safety on Halloween night, too!

3. Halloween Pencils

Kids love pencils - especially if they're fun! Oriental Trading Company has just about anything you can imagine in bulk and for a good price! Here's 144 pencils for just $18!

4. Toothbrushes

Some kids may think this is the worst Halloween trick of all, but lots of kids think a new toothbrush is pretty cool!

5. Homemade Crayons

This is an easy and really fun activity that you can learn how to do here. Break up your crayons in mini muffin tins and bake them. They will melt into a fun rainbow crayon!

6. Stickers 

Buy a whole pad of stickers and tear a page off or cut them up to pass out to the kids. They'll never know and they'll love them just the same!

7. Halloween "Frights"

You can find "eyeballs," fake fingers, and spiders just about anywhere leading up to Halloween. Buy an assortment for trick-or-treaters. Kids get a kick out of these spooky things!

8. Bouncy Balls

You can buy these in bulk for not much at all on Amazon. You can find them for a pack of 72 for just $15. Bouncy balls can entertain kids for quite some time - and encourage them to get a little exercise, too!

9. Temporary Tattoos

Kid's love temporary tattoos. That's all.


10. Chips or Pretzels

Something different and it's a snack that will keep them full and perhaps less likely to overeat their candy.