Small Group Personal Training

Posted by Lauren Higgins on Monday, August 05, 2019

Small Group Personal Training
Which Milestone program is right for you?

Small Group Personal Training

Have you been looking for a way to get a great workout in without breaking the bank?  Small group personal training might be right for you! You can get the benefits of personal training with the fun and cost-effectiveness of a group program! We have several different options for small group training here at Milestone.  

Design Your Own Group Training -  You bring the group; we’ll design the training! This works well if you have a circle of friends who’re all interested in a specific type of training.

Don’t Sit, Get Fit - Want to maximize your weight loss?  Try this 6-week program. Originally developed for our HMR (weight management) program, Don’t Sit, Get Fit is now open to everyone! Work with our Certified Personal Trainers to burn fat and increase strength all while working towards a goal of weight loss.

TRX Suspension Training - Ready to challenge your workouts with high intensity, powerful movements at faster tempos? This class has timed interval sets combined with TRX exercises and cardio moves. Visit our website for class descriptions and schedules.

Pilates Small Group Reformer Classes
Increase your flexibility, core strength, and muscle tone with small-group Pilates training.  Our top-notch Pilates Studio is equipped with state-of-the-art reformers, cadillacs, and stability chairs, as well as highly trained instructors to guide you in your workouts. 

Have questions for us? Stop by the Ask The Trainer table on Wednesday, August 7th from 8AM to 11:30AM for more partner fitness tips and FREE body composition testing. 

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