Spring Forward and Feel Great

Posted by Jill Fratianne on Friday, March 07, 2014
Wake Up Beautifully

When we spring forward with Daylight Savings time, we gain an hour of daylight, but we lose an hour of sleep. Adjusting to the time change can take a heavy toll on our health and many of us feel sluggish the days following. Prepare today to feel better tomorrow.

Prepare your kids // Put them to bed 15 minutes early. Make their room darker. Continue your routine. Prepare for grumpiness. Use visual cues to help them know when it's ok to wake up. This blog goes into more detail about each of these suggestions and share's this clock that is color-changing, indicating when it's OK to wake up! If your kids are prepared, you'll be more prepared, too!

Go to Bed 15 Minutes Early // Going to bed just 15 minutes early will help minimize the impact of the time change.

Expose Yourself to Light in the AM // Natural light and fresh air will help you feel refreshed if you wake up groggy.

Get Some Exercise During the Day // Exercise in general helps you sleep better, but avoid exercise within 3 hours of bedtime.

Give Yourself a Sleep Break // If you feel tired days following the change, take a short nap in the afternoon, but not too close to bedtime. Avoid sleeping an hour longer in the mornings.

Avoid Stimulation // Avoiding stimulating substances and devices makes a big difference in how well you wind down and sleep. Alcohol and caffeine can interfere with sleep habits. Try putting down your iPad, phone, or shutting off your computer at least an hour before bed.

Eat Light at Night // Having too much in your stomach, especially fatty or spicy foods, can cause insomnia. Eat light and simple foods for dinner, several hours before bed. If you need a snack before bed, try a carbohydrate or dairy.

SPRING IS COMING! And, we're right there with you; it can't come fast enough!

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