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Posted by Monica Resch on Thursday, July 06, 2017

I became a member in August 2011, at the recommendation of my cardiologist, after having a stent put in my aorta.  I immediately began working with a personal trainer to imporve my heart health.  In July 2013 I went to work at the service desk.  I had retired a few years earlier and wanted something to do.  Fast forward to March 2016, even with my diet and exercise, my arteries got clogged and required a coronary artery bypass graft.  In fact, the surgeon ended up bypassing five arteries.

I know you are thinking that all my exercise and diet did no good.  That isn't true!  Because I had exercised at least two times a week, my heart and the rest of my body were in good shape.  I did not have a heart attack, which is the precursor to most bypasses, and my recovery time was greatly reduced.  I was only in the hospital for four days and my cardiac rehab went very quickly.  A point well learned: Exercise and diet are keys to a healthy body and increased wellness.  My previous personal trainer had left Milestone by the time I was ready to return to cardio and strength training.  I was very fortunate that Tiffany Kelver agreed to become my personal trainer.  She has since taken me (maybe dragged is a better term - LOL!) on a journey that I would never have believed that I would undertake.  In February of this year, she told me that she was putting together a team of the people that she trains to do a 5k race in June, and asked if I would like to join the group.  I agreed, saying to myself that it was four months away and I could wriggle free before then.  Little did I know, that with Tiffany's gentle prodding, I would not only complete the race, I would enjoy it.  We won't discuss times, but I did complete my first 5k race on June 3rd at the age of 68!  I am looking forward to more races in the future.  Thanks, Tiffany!

I really enjoy my job at the front desk.  Our staff and members are wonderful.  I feel very lucky to have found Milestone, both for my physical and mental well-being.  My long term goals include doing more races and continuing to greet and assist Milestone members.  Thanks to everyone I work with and the members I assist for allowing me to be a part of the Milestone team!

Milestone Fitness Success Story

Milestone Fitness Success Story

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