Taking a Holistic Approach to your New Year's Resolution

Posted by Lauren Higgins on Tuesday, December 27, 2022

It's that time again... time to make our New Year's Resolutions. While many people may say they are over-rated, New Year's resolutions can help you set your intentions and goals for the upcoming season. They may be big lofty goals, or they may be small changes, but either way goal setting is essential for improving any aspect of your life. 

Ideally, when setting resolutions, you want to consider your whole being and how specific goals can affect several different aspects of your life. When looking at health and wellness goals, we recommend a holistic approach using these tips and tricks.

1. Mental Health: Stress and anxiety can weaken your immune system and incite other debilitating factors. Try adding Yoga or meditation to your current exercise routine. Click here for our yoga schedule: https://www.baptistmilestone.com/group-exercise/class-schedule

2. Re-imagine your workout routine: Lots of time we get in the habit of thinking of our workouts in two categories: cardio and strength training. Adding in functional training conditions your body to handle anything that comes it's way. Group exercise classes like TRX, Power Sculpt, and core circuit can fulfill this need! 

3. Recovery: Many people get in the habit of skipping this critical component of exercise, but this is where the magic happens! Healing and repair is where muscle development occurs. The body becomes more mobile and resilient with proper rest and recovery... and who doesn't want that?! Try these...

No matter your resolutions, remember something is better than nothing! Ask yourself where you will be in 6 months if you make these changes and where you will be if you don't!