What is E.M.O.M.?

Posted by Robb Beyer on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Read more about Milestone trainer Robb Beyer and his E.M.O.M. method with clients. Try out his example workout this week and let us know how many calories you burn! Questions or interested in training with Robb at Milestone? Email him at robb_beyer@yahoo.com or call us at 502.896.3900 to set up an appointment.


I started having clients in group training sessions perform E.M.O.M.'s (every minute on the minute) a few months ago to keep the group together and on time. Much to my delight my clients enjoyed the workouts more plus their overall morale and team dynamic improved. Another positive outcome from group sessions has been that my clients see results faster and increase their strength in core lifts. 

What makes an E.M.O.M. different from a traditional workout, is that a timer is set (usually for 20 minutes) and repetitions for a select group of exercises must be performed either within that minute or the buzzer chimes indicating the start of the next exercise. I will either select 4 or 5 exercises to be done within a given 20 minute time frame. For example, I could write a 4 exercise E.M.O.M. as follows:

1st minute perform 4 clean and jerks:

IMG_4769.jpg  IMG_4770.jpg

2nd minute row for 10 calories

3rd minute do 8 box jumps

4th minute do 12 wall balls


I could change the E.M.O.M.'s to target either anaerobic cardio or strength, and sometimes both. I would set the E.M.O.M. for the final 20 minutes of the workout while incorporating core movements and strength beforehand.

Example Workout With Robb:
3 Rounds #1
300 M Row
25 Sit Ups
20 Plank Twists
10 Toe to Bar
12 Swings

3 Rounds # 2
20 Push Ups
6 Back Squats
10 Pull Ups
12 Pistol Squats x Leg

20 Minute E.M.O.M.
8 Box Jumps
12 Wall Balls
6 Thrusters
4 Cleans
16 Overhead Lunges

The benefits of E.M.O.M.'s:

  • Increase strength
  • Increase anaerobic endurance
  • Short duration, high intensity exercises help burn more calories (between 200 to 500 calories depending upon the individual)
  • Work with large groups of clients at once
  • Incorporate Olympic lifts, strength training, or function of movement training
  • Improve fitness by pushing the lactate threshold

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