15 Benefits of Pilates

Posted by Alex Ford on Sunday, April 05, 2015


Pilates is a total body workout that centers on strengthening the core muscles of the body, including the deep abdominal muscles, the muscles that support the spine, and the glutes. These muscles play an important role in developing correct posture, maintaining functional ability in daily tasks, increasing fitness and athletic performance, as well as achieving overall health and wellbeing. Pilates has been used by a wide range of individuals, including competitive athletes, regular exercisers, and those dealing with common back, knee, hip, and neck issues due to the wide range of benefits that come from including Pilates in their regular fitness routine. Pilates builds strength, can be used to rehabilitate from injuries, and includes several other benefits listed below:

1.)    Increases core strength

2.)    Develops long, lean muscles

3.)    Increases muscle tone and strength

4.)    Develops proper posture

5.)    Increases flexibility

6.)    Develops better balance

7.)    Increases stability

8.)    Helps reduce pain

9.)    Increases mind-body awareness

10.) Contributes to overall health

11.) Helps reduce stress

12.) Able to be practiced at any age

13.) Appropriate for all levels of fitness

14.) Beneficial for cross-training and athletic training for athletes of all sports

15.) Able to be practiced by individuals with limitations or disabilities

Individuals can begin working towards many of these goals by incorporating Pilates into their fitness regimen one to three times (or more!) per week. Pilates can be practiced on a mat without equipment or by utilizing specialized Pilates equipment in a studio. A certified Pilates instructor will be able to provide a balanced workout in a class setting, or within a private or semi-private session while addressing a client’s specific needs. As always, it is best to consult with your physician before beginning a new exercise program. Let Pilates help you on the road to achieving greater health and wellbeing through a stronger core, a more stabilized spine, and increased mobility and stability in your body. You will not be disappointed with the results!