3 Indulgent Reward Ideas at Your Local Louisville Spa

Posted by Elizabeth Dowell on Thursday, October 01, 2015
Elizabeth Dowell

Blog_post_indulgent_spa_smUsing a system of goals and rewards can help you effectively make the changes you need to reach your health and fitness goals. If you’ve been wondering what type of rewards are going to be the most effective for your goals, look no further than an indulgent spa treatment at your favorite local Louisville spa.

Knowing how to reward yourself the right way is the key to making great strides to a healthier you. When you use a reward to celebrate a behavior change or small action, you create a positive association which makes it more likely to become a permanent, new habit.

Three Perfect Spa Rewards for Reaching Your Goals

If your end result is to lose 50 pounds, the best way to achieve it is to break that down into smaller goals. To lose your first ten pounds, you may commit to a daily workout and clean eating for a month. Here’s how you can use spa treatments to reward yourself along the way.

  • To reward yourself for a week of daily workouts, a manicure or pedicure will pamper tired feet and hands.

  • To reward yourself for a month of clean eating and daily workouts, a massage will give your entire body the healing touch that sore muscles deserve.

  • To reward yourself for dropping a pant size, or losing ten pounds, a body treatment such as a buff or wrap is the perfect way to firm, tighten, and smooth all over.

Why You Should Reward Yourself with a Spa Treatment

Starting an exercise program can often lead to sore muscles from strength training. Researchers have found that massage offers specific benefits for preventing and healing muscle soreness. A massage after a workout reduces painful inflammation in the muscles, and stimulates muscle repair and recovery.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” - Lao Tzu

Replacing old, unhealthy habits with new, healthier habits can lead to major long-term benefits as you lose weight, build muscle, sleep better, have more energy, and experience better health. The best way to stay motivated is to set smaller goals for yourself, and to be sure to pick the perfect rewards for meeting them. And really, there aren’t many better ways you can thank your body for staying on track then with an indulgent spa treatment.

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