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Posted by Chelsea Stengel on Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Life is way too short to be wasted on things you do not enjoy or on things that don’t light a fire under your rear end. Why not get excited about living every single day. Find a passion that lights up your life; whether that is your family, funding a charity, training for a race, studying a certain subject, cancer research, playing an instrument, arts and crafts, etc. Find something that lets you be greater and that lets you help others.

I love fitness. I think it teaches discipline, respect, hard work, humility.  Also, it can be used as an outlet, therapy, display of art, a gift, an inspiration. Being able to put 100% effort into something day in and day out and be proud of the things you accomplish can help you find an extra piece to your life that may be missing. Fitness is also a way to display your health and wellness for yourself. In order to help others in life, you need to help yourself first.

One of my biggest passions is to be able to inspire others to feel like they can accomplish their goals and their dreams in anything in life, and a way to mirror that is through exercise. When you push through a new barrier or limit you thought you had, you now know you can exceed your expectations. Why just be good when you can be great? I don’t think we were put on this earth to just live in mediocrity. I think we were put here to be the best we can and push the limits past greatness, to be able to pick each other up and be the best people we can be.

Find your passion. Pick something you enjoy and you will be more apt to stick to it. Write down your goals. If you are constantly looking at what you want to accomplish, you will be much more likely to do so. Live life with a purpose to be the best you can for yourself and for all others that come into your life!

Written by Chelsea Stengel, Milestone Personal Trainer.  To book personal training, call 896.3900 x 115.

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