Finding your Confidence in the Gym

Posted by Lauren Higgins on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Starting something new can be overwhelming no matter what it is. A new hobby, sport, job, or even relationship can create a sense of uneasiness in everyone. When you think about it, starting a new workout routine has aspects of all those things! Exercise can be fun, therefore it can be a hobby. Exercise is obviously athletic, therefore could be classified as a sport in some cases. Exercise in some form is vital to your health and well being and should be treated with as much dedication as a new job. And exercise strengthens your relationship with your body and mind. Because of all these aspects of a workout routine, walking into the gym for the first time can be daunting! 

Utilizing the resources your gym offers to establish an appropriate workout routine is vital to boosting your confidence in the gym. At Milestone, each member has resources at their disposal to enhance the gym experience. We understand that not everyone is thrilled about being here. Many members come to us at the insistence of their doctor, family, or friends. Many find their way to our doors as a last resort to improve their health when multiple diets and fad weight loss programs have let them down. With the right guidance, everyone can be successful and confident! 

With nine years of experience helping new members find their way in a 70,000 square foot building of intimidation, here are my tips for finding your confidence in the gym! 


_A4A5738At Milestone, everyone has the opportunity to meet with a Fitness Coach to discuss their goals and interests regarding health and fitness. The coach will then act as a guide to determine the best course of action specific to each member’s needs. The Fitness Coach can be the “cruise director” of sorts. Their job is to ensure the member has whatever tools they need to be successful. Also, having an appointment with someone for the first time in the gym gives the new member a purpose for being there. At Milestone, the fitness coaching service is included in each membership.  


Allison_C-11Group exercise can be an exciting way to get to know people at a new gym and to get into a routine that has more guidance than individual exercise sessions. The instructor of a class is there to design an effective workout, monitor everyone’s form, and give new exercisers peace of mind knowing that they have a support person right there in front of them. No matter what a new member’s goals may be, there is a group exercise class that would be beneficial. At Milestone, the Fitness Coaches are experts at recommending which classes would be a great fit.


PAM-1Members who see the most results and maintain those results the longest meet with a personal trainer for a regular workout. This workout could include cardio and/or strength training, and the use of machines, free weights, TRX, body weight exercises and/or the pool. The objective of personal training is to guide the client through a tailored workout, specific to their individual goals. Other than guidance and knowledge, one of the main things a Personal Trainer can provide for a new member is accountability. If a member has an appointment they are more likely to show up and do the work! Seeing results will help the new member stay motivated and feel confident in their new exercise plan! 


One thing that sets Milestone apart is our commitment to  health and wellness. We want to see our members succeed and are here to help every step of the way! Providing a comfortable atmosphere to achieve fitness goals is the passion of our Fitness Specialist team. 

The Fitness Specialists have many jobs including…

  •         Assisting with exercise routines
  •         Answering questions about the equipment or your personal workout plan
  •         Maintaining a clean and well-organized gym floor
  •         Responding to medical emergencies

When our Fitness Specialists are on the floor wearing their bright blue shirts, our members know they have a support person in that area.

Fitness professionals understand how hard it can be for a new member to take the first step and walk into a gym. Even the professionals themselves aren’t motivated or confident every day. Reaching out and knowing who can help ensure the success of a new exercise routine can make all the difference. At Milestone, our Fitness Coaches, Group Exercise Instructors, and Personal Trainers all work to make our members feel like they can be successful and confident walking into the gym!



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