Getting #FitToFly with Lori Mangum at Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center

Posted by Lauren Higgins on Thursday, June 13, 2019

"I was that kid who always answered the superpower of choice question with “to be able to fly”. I loved riding my bike as a kid & trying to take my hands off the steering wheel for one daring minute to feel the sensation of wide open in the breeze. I also love being on the back of a motorcycle for that flight feeling when you close your eyes."

"But, when I went to actually book the big day, I discovered that I weighed too much to do it. Not a huge amount over the limit, but enough to make getting into that flight suit a bit of a challenge."

Lori came to us with a very specific goal. The kind of goal you don't really hear a lot; the type of goal that reminds us why we do what we do here at Milestone. 

Many of our members come to us to maintain an active lifestyle despite the curve balls life may throw at us. From strength training to group fitness, weight management and personal training, Milestone strives to provide and promote healthy lifestyles for everyone, no matter what day or time of day you are here. 

When Lori told me she wanted to lose weight, I understood. Don't we all? Whether it's those 5 stubborn, vanity pounds or the 25 we've put on after, "falling off," the fitness train, I think we can all relate when it comes to that room for improvement. It's always there and looks different for everyone but it's there nonetheless.
The road to progress and improvement is not linear. 

Let me say that again. Progress is not linear.

Embracing failure is part of the process. What works for person A may not work for person B. That's why I knew we were embarking on a beautiful journey from the moment Lori told me what she wanted to do, why she wanted to do it and how she was going to get it done. She knew the what and the why, but she came to the experts to execute on the how. 

Take a dive into the last 9 weeks as Lori shows us through her own experiences that progress is in fact NOT linear. Listen to her accomplishments, her set backs and everything in between that has helped her get to where she is right now, and where she will go as we continue to help her meet her current fitness goals and the ones she will make with us in the future. 

You can watch #FitToFly episodes 1 through 10 here, or jump straight to the most recent episode below!

Have questions for us or Lori, or both? Learn more about her here and drop us a line by submitting a comment below.

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