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With the holiday season coming up, we must be consistent now more than ever with our workouts and healthy habits! I have devised a plan to get us through the holidays without gaining our body weight in mashed potatoes and pie.  If you have the pleasure of attending 7 Thanksgiving meals and 6 Christmas celebrations like me (yay for big families!) I can help you through it.  Here are my quick tips to a happier and healthier holiday!

  1. Pick your least favorite food and just say no! I did not eat one scoop of mashed potatoes at any meal last year and it really helped me stay on track and leave room for my favorite foods like stuffing!
  1. Only eat dessert where you know it will be the best! You can forgo the cookies and pumpkin pie if you know your great aunt Gertrude is going to make her famous caramel, pecan, cheese cake.  Just do your research, and hold out for the good stuff. 
  1. No rolls unless they are homemade! I love bread.  But my mom makes homemade yeast rolls slathered in butter that are to die for.  I can skip the store-bought stuff every meal if it means I can enjoy the good stuff even more!
  1. Watch the alcohol calories! This one speaks for itself.
  1. When in doubt, bring a dish you know you will eat! If your in-laws only cook with sticks of butter and pounds of bacon grease, offer to bring a dish that is something you feel good about eating.  This Cranberry Apple Walnut Salad can be a real crowd (and waistline) pleaser.

Above all just enjoy your holidays, don’t skip your workouts, and cherish special times with your family and friends.