Member of the Month | Eileen Brown

Posted by Elizabeth Dowell on Sunday, January 10, 2016
Elizabeth Dowell


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What brought you to Milestone?

Diane Kelton, Milestone’s current president, recognized the uniqueness of Milestone Fitness Center due to her personal experience because she was a member before she started to work there.  She stated that she “was struck by how supportive the staff was” …. and how the other staff showed a genuine interest in helping her “create and stick to a plan that enabled her to become a regular exerciser for 25 years.” 

I have also been a member of Milestone for over 25 years and find the same experience true for me.  Other clubs do not give the same superior quality that I have experienced here, and thus is the reason I remain a member.  Over the years, the staff and the building have changed, but there is a core group of men and women who have dedicated themselves to this organization making Milestone what it is today. They continue to have trainers and fitness instructors who are up to date on the latest exercise classes and trends. The facilities are top notch and the equipment is replaced regularly.  

What exercise activities do you participate in at Milestone?

Having always enjoyed exercising, I can come here and see friends while looking forward to a great workout. While golf is my favorite sport, it is still something that I continue to improve as I am able to strengthen my entire body. Besides my regular workouts, swimming is another exercise I enjoy and the pool is awesome. The swim classes are fun and when they are done I jump into the hot tub and “veg-out.”

Main Reason To Get or Stay in Shape | Results:

Like many people, my weight is hard to keep in check and over the years has yo-yoed all over the scale. Two years ago my doctor asked me to lose weight, so I got a trainer and decided to achieve a particular goal before my 60th birthday. With the help of my trainer Chelsea Grover I lost about 40 pounds. Chelsea has shown me through these past two years that I can achieve anything as we constantly create goals that are achievable. Weighing in each Monday morning kept me on course. Our exercise routine was difficult at times but so rewarding. Because I am a very competitive person, Chelsea made my workout very challenging. This made me look forward to seeing how Chelsea was going to challenge me each day.

Notable Staff Members Who Have Helped Your Journey:

I would encourage everyone to set goals with a trainer like Chelsea. If you are willing to work hard and not give up on yourself, you will have the same success I have achieved. These past two years has allowed me to realize that the power is within each of us to become more fit and enjoy life. My success is a tribute to my family, Chelsea and Milestone.