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Posted by Elizabeth Dowell on Monday, May 02, 2016
Elizabeth Dowell


What brought you to Milestone?
A friend gave me a stocking stuffer from Milestone at Christmas. The stipulation was that I had to go to one of Jeff's classes with her. I came out of the class saying "this guy is good." Then I went back 2-3 times and on my 4th visit, I knew I had to join Milestone. Jeff's classes totally motivated me and made me feel like I could do this and I've got this. I had been a member at another gym for 4 years. These classes pushed me to another level and at that point, I thought Milestone was a place I could achieve this.

What exercise activities do you participate in at Milestone?
I do Jeff's classes and have participated in all of them. I do yoga with Kara.  I train with Jennifer Lowe and do TRX.  I lift on my own and do the elliptical, run on the track and swim when not participating in classes.
Since January, now end of April, I've reached a desired BMI.  I thought that was never possible for me. My doctor even thought that would be hard for me to reach. I am stronger through my personal training and the group exercise classes. They are very challenging but with all the encouragement, I'm meeting my goals... actually crushing them. It's so exciting to hit a goal and say I've done it and then set a new one. I feel like I'm living on the edge. Lol

Plus, I'm in the best physical shape I've been in my whole life. It only took me 59 years and Milestone is helping me with this goal my body has changed greatly in four months. I have been amazed.  Thanks to the people at Milestone for encouraging me to push hard and keep achieving by not giving up.

Notable Staff Members that have helped you:
Every staff member that has touched me at Milestone has been great and given me lots of encouragement. My main mentor has been Jeff. He has made me realize there is this person in me I never knew was there physically and mentally. He made me realize if I want it, I can make it happen. I remember one of our first conversations he said he was going to make me leaner. I thought yea right, Lol. Well, 4 months later it's happening. Jennifer Lowe has been equally as motivating. She pushes me with encouragement. She has made me realize I have strength that I never thought possible. I can't believe the weight Jennifer has me lifting. And my arms they finally fill out my t shirts. Yea!
Main reason you wanted to get in shape/motivation factors:
I had a heart attack 8 years ago. Did I exercise really? NO. I thought I did. 4-5 years ago I joined a gym. I tried the best I knew how to exercise. Did I see my full potential? NO.  Since January at Milestone, I've been shown great potential. Do I know my full potential yet? NO. That's my motivation. I want to achieve the best physically fit, best heath I can have, and the best quality of life possible.  I feel that Milestone is where I can achieve that. The attitude here, the staff members, the facility, it's all motivating and helps me reach my goals. Who knows, maybe one day I can help others reach their goals. One never knows!

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