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Posted by Personal Training Department on Sunday, March 19, 2017

"What Is Personal Training?"

During a paid personal training session, the client will receive a complete workout directed by their personal trainer.  Clients who see the most results, and maintain those results, meet with their personal trainer for a regular workout.  This workout could include cardio and/or strength training, and the use of machines, free weights, TRX and/or body weight exercises.  The objective of personal training is to guide the client through a tailored workout, specific to their individual goals.  Based on these goals, the trainer will recommend how frequently training sessions should be held.  Personal training is available on both land and water.    

"Why Should I Do Personal Training?"

  • Motivation
  • Proper Form
  • Safety
  • Better Results
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Injury Prevention

Baptist Milestone Personal Training

"What If I'm Not Sure?"

Here at Milestone, we offer fitness coaching sessions for all members to discuss their goals, interests, any physical injuries or medical limitations they may have, and receive exercise recommendations based on those factors.  If personal training is an interest to the member, a fitness coach can discuss options and details about personal training.  Fitness coaching is an ongoing complimentary offer!  Call (502) 896-3900 x 148 to schedule fitness coaching. 

If you would like information about personal training, or to schedule an appointment with a personal trainer, please call the Fitness Office and let our personal training co-directors Lisa and Maria help you figure out which personal trainer would be the best fit to work with you! Call the Fitness Office at (502) 896-3900 x 115.

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