Staying Motivated Through Injury

Posted by Chelsea Grover on Friday, July 22, 2016


“You can't beat the person who never gives up.”

We all think we are invincible. You start a fitness journey, train for a race, set a weight loss goal,
want to climb a mountain, be more active and play with your kids, what have you. There are many
obstacles that work against you daily, but one that isn't talked about a lot is how to deal with an

Being injured sucks, plain and simple. It's hard to watch your friends, family or colleagues still be
able to compete or work out to their full strength while you are sidelined. I've been injured during
college soccer with ankle sprains, a tibial stress fracture, torn MCL, but most recently suffered a
fractured heel due to hours and hours of training for races last year. It put me out 10 weeks, 7 of
them on crutches.

My best advice: do NOT give up. You need to rest, your body needs it. But do NOT quit. This is a time
for you to revisit your goals and see how you can still accomplish them. It may take a longer
time than first planned, but that shouldn't put your goal out of reach.

1. Be mentally strong. You have to have a positive mindset. Don't get too down on yourself or
stay too depressed, you have to fight through the bad to get back to the good.
2. Find another way. For example, if you can't run, swim or bike. If you can't do an upper body
workout, do a lower body workout. If you are cardio restricted, make an appointment with a
trainer and come up with a strength training routine.
3. Set a new goal. For me, I wasn't allowed to do anything for two weeks, and I was out of
cardio for six weeks. Anyone that knows me, knows it just about killed me (figuratively
speaking). But I worked with Mike Graham, another trainer at Milestone, to help me in the weight
room, put on muscle and come back stronger. I am now lifting heavier weights than I was
before my injury.
4. Control what you CAN control. You can control your hydration, nutrition, sleep, and taking
care of the injury so you can get back into action as quickly as possible.
5. Follow your doctor's orders. Don't come back too soon, your body is trying to tell you you
need to rest, and you need to listen.
6. Surround yourself with a cheer squad. Positive and supportive significant others, family and
friends can help support and pull you out of your funk. Keep them close and thank them
when they are there to support you.
7. Remember DO NOT GIVE UP. An injury is just a bump in the road. Do not let it derail your
path. It is just a small detour in your journey.

In the beginning it’s hard to see the good through being injured. But, it can make you stronger. It may cause you to try a different class, or a different way of working out that you haven't before. You'll grow as a person physically and mentally. “Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength.”

Contact one of our Personal Trainers today if you are currently dealing with an injury and need to set new goals or come up with a new routine to help you through it and come back stronger!