Top 5 Fun Fall Workout Ideas in Louisville

Posted by Elizabeth Dowell on Tuesday, October 06, 2015
Elizabeth Dowell

Blog_post_fall_workout_louisvilleFall is in the air! As the weather gets cooler, it may be time to change up your workout routine. Variety is a good thing, and the more variety you add to your routine the more likely you are to stick with it. So lace up your workout shoes, because fall is the season to take advantage of the best outdoor, and indoor, workouts in town.

Fun Louisville Workout Ideas for Fall

1. Get Running

If you’re not a runner, fall might just be the perfect season to change your mind. Cooler weather makes running and jogging more comfortable. And the scenery can’t be beat: watching the Louisville maple trees change color in a blazing display of golds, oranges, and fiery reds as you run is a true treat.

To get into a running routine, start slowly. If you have a normal walk that you enjoy taking, try jogging for one minute of it, then return to your walk. Then, try jogging two minutes the day after that. Gradually, minute by minute, you can increase the time you spend jogging and decrease the time you spend walking. You will be a runner before the last fall leaf hits the pavement.

2. Start Swimming

The changing weather doesn’t mean you need to hang up your swimsuit for the season. Indoor swimming classes give you a great workout in a comfortable, temperature controlled environment. And you don’t have to remember your sunscreen, either. At Baptist Milestone, we offer a wide variety of water workouts such as H2O cycling, Poolates, and Aqua Bootcamp. There is a pool workout for every body at every level of fitness. 

3. Put on your Dancing Shoes

Dance classes do more than just get your heart rate up, they are a fun way to dance away stress and boogie away pounds. Try something new like an energetic Zumba or Hip Hop class, or Just Dance to some of the best swing, salsa, and cha-cha music ever. You don’t need to be an experienced dancer to get into the groove of a dance workout class, you just need to have a flair for fun.

4. Head for the Zen Zone

Did you know that the practice of yoga can reduce the physical affects of stress on your body, ease pain, improve flexibility, and even has cardiovascular and weight loss benefits? With so many reason to hit the yoga mat, fall is the perfect time to do it. Yoga classes can range from the super relaxing, such as a Gentle Yoga or Yoga Nidra/ Relaxation class, to the physically challenging such as a Yoga Power Hour or YO-PUMP class. Try one of each and find out what yoga class is your cup of tea.

5. Kick Back

No, we don’t mean kick back and relax… we mean kick it into high gear with a kickboxing class. If you’ve never tried kickboxing before, you are missing out on the ultimate high energy, stress relieving workout. Kickboxing provides an excellent cardiovascular workout that will tone your upper and lower body.

Feeling inspired? Don’t let cooler weather get you in slowdown mode. Sure, fall means more time inside, snuggled by the fireplace. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a varied workout routine, either. Try a new class, or do something you’ve never done before. Afterall, with so many fun ways to workout in Louisville, you have nothing to lose this fall but a few pounds.

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