What's in Laura's Gym Bag?

Posted by Elizabeth Dowell on Thursday, April 02, 2015
Elizabeth Dowell
If you are like me, packing your gym bag can be a feat. Either I forget vital items or over pack like I am moving in. To help us all out, I talked to member turned fitness instructor, Laura Wagner. Laura has been at Milestone for a year now and has finally got it down to a science!  Her bag is packed and ready for when she is teaching and taking a class. 
Gym Bag Itself:  Nike Rowena Kid's Tote

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I've almost always had a black or gray bag, but I recently decided to buy a more unique bag that was easy to find in case I left it in a chair at the club or in a studio after class. I can get distracted and leave things sometimes, but it's usually for a good reason -- like talking to members. 
1. iPod Nano

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I always have my iPod because I sub a lot at the club and it has music for all of the different classes I teach: Latin, hip hop and top 40 for Zumba, Tabata rounds for land and aqua and remixes for other classes. Check out Laura's different class offerings here

2. Earbuds 

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If I'm not teaching a class, I'm taking one, but I always have my earbuds in case I don't make a group class and use the treadmill instead. These are the Yurbuds Inspire earbuds and they're the only ones I will use -- they're made especially for the shape of a woman's ear. I love them. They're the best $30 I've spent at Target for fitness stuff. 
3. Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo (to keep my icy blonde hair icy blonde)

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I take more showers at Milestone than I do at my own house, so I have hair products and a little makeup to get myself cleaned up to get on with my day/evening after working out.
4. Aveda Smooth Infusion Conditioner 

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5. Aveda Control Paste

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For giving my short hair texture (and it sort of doubles as a scent, because people always tell me I smell good and this is the only thing I've got on.
6. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer 

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For light coverage after you've sweated off most of your other makeup.
7. Benefit LemonAid Concealer

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I've had dark circles under my eyes my whole life no matter how well-rested I am; the yellow tint helps them disappear.
8. A Clean Mascara Wand

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I have eyelash extensions (I like being a girl) that I'm love with and take good care of. I don't have to wear mascara much any more; I just fluff up my extensions and go.
9. Snacks
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Emerald Cinnamon Almonds, Lara Bars & Kind Bars can all be purchased at your local Whole Foods or Kroger.
I don't eat anything before I take a class, but about 30 minutes after a class, when I'm on my way to meet a client or running errands, I would eat a bar of soap if I couldn't find food. The Emerald Cinnamon Almonds are my favorite and so are Lara Bars or Kind bars. They save me until I can eat my next meal.
10. Nike Free TR Fit 5.0 Women's Shoe

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Check your local Nike Outlet! 
They're my faves because they fit my narrow heels so they don't slide around the back of my shoe. Got those for $35 at the Nike Factory Store down the street from Milestone.
11. Readers
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I have reading glasses everywhere -- I'm talking about 10 - 12 pairs in my house, car, purse and a pair in this bag. Once I turned 40, it suddenly got difficult to read a menu or some of my emails without them. I get a lot of compliments on them like they're awesome prescription glasses, but the truth is that I buy most of them at The Dollar Tree. 
12. Business Cards

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Contact Laura! 502.851.4447  /  laura@laura-wagner.com 
I keep my business cards with me in case members have questions about a workout we did, the music I used, etc. I just tell them to take a card so they have my email and phone number to email me or text me so I don't forget! 

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